About Filto-S

Filto-S is a leading construction and investment company specialized in construction, sales and management of residential and administrative buildings. Established in 1990, the company has a large team of professionals, most of them engineers, who believe that it is namely the builders that are responsible for the image of the modern city. The functionality, testing and implementation of innovations, as well as the constant improvement of the quality of buildings continue to be our driving force and motivation.

There are over 80 sites in the company portfolio in the territory of Sofia with gross floorage of 210 000 sq.m. About 10 000 people live and work in the precisely constructed 1800 apartments, dozens of shops, several business and administrative office buildings, restaurants, patisseries, hospitals, church and production halls. Some of our most successful projects are Cite Jardin and Motopista.

We are famous for our endeavours and involvement in the completion of the neighbouring infrastructure and public works of our complexes. Thanks to the professionalism and high quality construction, Filto-S established itself in the Bulgarian market and earned the confidence of the people making its name a synonym for loyalty and conscientious attitude.

For more information: filto-s.com